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Our Prajadarbar Telugu Daily established in 1994 in the joint Andhra Pradesh which is operating from Hyderabad, publishes news & articles in Social, Economic, Political, Sports, Health, Cinema & Cultural areas on regular schedules.

Under the initiative of Shri G. Venugopal Sharma, Editor of Prajadarbar, a senior journalist around 25+ Yrs experienced personality in the news media and also an active union leader, PRAJADARBAR set-up a solid brand and affirmation in the market and won the hearts of readers, public, advertisers with a demonstrated record in the media profession.

Prajadarbar at first began the paper with only 4 pages, and later extended to 8 pages and further more gradually reached out to different regions.

With aggregate endeavors and the assistance of our colleagues including Senior Journalists, today Prajadarbar speaks to its Newspaper in both Telugu states Telangana & Andhra Pradesh and with that motivation & inspiration to buildup broadly, we have expanded the standard of the Prajadarbar News Paper to go into MULTI COLOR form of Printing each of the 8 Pages in Complete Multi Color.

Not simply halting there, again further moved to step next level by presenting TABLOID with 8 extra Pages, which all to accumulate made now our Prajadarbar with a Prominent look with by and large (8 Main Pages + Tabloid 8 Pages) Complete Color Edition which is coursing to different regions in both Telugu States.

Presently with the most recent one, we are additionally exceptionally glad to think one more endeavor on the event of completing our Prajadarbar 25 Years (Silver Jubilee) of establishment and just went into 28th year, presently made another wise move to get a lot nearer to our dearest readers, advertisers & public by using Online Technology, Prajadarbar gladly declares that we have propelled our WEBSITE by name www.prajadarbar.net which makes our readers for simple & easy access from any place, and get the news & updated information on time to time through our webpage www.prajadarbar.net.

We are certain this move of making Prajadarbar Online e-paper, and All the social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp, twitter makes our cherished & valued readers and open get in touch with us considerably able more effectively

We wish to look forward significantly more in the coming days to make a lot more advancements to upkeep ourselves and stay similar to the market pattern and further more keeping the enthusiasm of our important readers, we will consistently & reliably anticipate making our readers upbeat and exited. In this specific circumstance, we are much anticipating getting a similar help and consolation from you similarly even in the coming days ahead...

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